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Our projects

Below is a selection of our recent projects. Our jobs include both live and artificial planting.

We can advise, source, supply and install live plants and trees of any size. We source our live stock directly from Holland thus ensuring the best quality and selection possible.

We can design and make any shape or size of artificial hedge. We also fabricate planters to suit areas where space is an issue or where a planter of an exact dimension is required.

For more details you can call us on 086 2628892 or use the contact us page.

Artificial Hedging- Penthouse.

Made to measure artificial hedging for a penthouse in South County Dublin using Hedging mats and 4ft boxwood ball tree(cut to size)

The Plant People built a frame from marine grade ply along with a galvanised steel mesh to attach hedging mats. Built off site and assembled on the balcony.


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Atrium Planting

Planting a large Atrium with live plants and trees. Several large scale specimen and many mass planted foliage plants for ground cover. An irrigation system is also installed and hidden among the planting. 

The plant people are importers of large specimen plants and trees. With 27 years experience in the supply, installation, maintenance and after-care of large scale projects.

You can rest assured the Plant People working with our network of suppliers and growers across Europe, will not only source the perfect plant or tree, but also install and give it the specialist care it needs.

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Outside Seating Area

Artificial hedges made to measure for Dublin City Centre Pub using artificial hedging tile and boxwood spire. 

Bespoke artificial hedges were made to suit existing stainless steel planters and fixed into position on site. 

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Office Rooftop Hedging.

Stainless steel planters and large hedging for office roof top, IFSC Dublin. The bases which were sized to suit existing stainless steel planters, are made from marine ply and treated green timber.

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Office Space Divider.

To add some privacy to meeting rooms in open plan offices Dublin Business Park.

For variety, we used artificial hedging in some offices and artificial potted plants in others

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Balcony Hedging

Build two artificial hedges with hedging tiles to give privacy to apartment balcony, South County Dublin.

A treated green timber frame was constructed in our workshop which was then disassembled as the only access was via an elevator. The hedge was then reassembled on site and fixed into position.

When finished The hedge was approximately 6ft (1820mm) in height.

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Dublin City Penthouse.

For this job the Plant People fabricated and supplied made to measure planters for a rooftop seating area in Dublin. We also supplied the Large Artificial Hedge and Artificial spire.

Some balcony's are a limited size and so having the Plant People build your planters to measure is a great way to maximise the space that is available.


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Ground Floor Balcony

A wooden frame was made using treated timber, it was assembled on site and mesh was attached to support the hedging tiles.

A fascia was attached along the bottom of the hedge to give the look of a planter.

The hedge was drill fixed and supported off the existing handrail. 

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Artificial Indoor Seating Area

A large number of artificial trees were used to break up the space and to create a bright airy feel to this industrial sized space.

All planters were wrapped in selection of colours to suit the existing colour scheme.



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Living Wall.

Planting a living wall with a mixture of live plants and artificial plants.

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General Office Planting Gallery

A selection of Pictures from some of our jobs. The plant People rent and maintain plant displays in offices and other business in Dublin and the surrounding county's.

With our professional approach and more than 25 years experience in the industry, the Plant People can advise, source, install and maintain plants and trees that will serve to enhance any working environment both aesthetically and in terms of air quality. 

Indoor planting also greatly improves the feel and ambiance of restaurants, retail spaces, pubs and night-clubs. 



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Dublin Shopfront

This lovely job was completed in late 2016, the client wished to increase the aesthetic appeal of the premises and make it more inviting to both existing customers and potential customers alike.

The plant people designed, fabricated and installed artificial hedging either side of the main entrance in bespoke planters sprayed to the customers choice of ral colour.

The Plant People also had a 5 meter trough fabricated and sprayed by a third party, The plant people designed, fabricated and installed supporting steel work and fit the trough.

As this project was completed during winter, White Cyclamen with large trailing ivy were chosen to fill the trough with a view to changing the flowering aspect as the seasons change. We returned in spring and changed the cyclamen to pink geraniums.

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Preserved natural moss wall

This beautiful product is harvested from regions above the arctic circle. it is then preserved and dyed to one of sixteen colours and transported directly to the Plant People in our Dublin warehouse. We then work with our clients to create a design to suit their project, from small wall hanging pieces to entire statement walls in reception areas etc.

  • Natural moss is inherently fire retardant.
  • Available in sixteen colours
  • Does not need sunlight, watering or pruning
  • Any size or shape is achievable
  • The plant people can provide a frame from softwood/ hardwood stainless steel or mild steel powder coated to any Ral color.



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