CB Mixed Vriesea

Common Name   Bromeliad
Family   Bromeliaceae
Genus   Vriesea
Species   spp.
Cultivar   'Poelmania'
Origin   Tropical America
Category   Flowering Pot Plant 
Common Uses   Color Or Accent


You can choose to:

  •     Buy plants/containers and look after them yourself 
  •     Buy plants/containers and let us look after them
  •     Rent plants/containers with an inclusive maintenance service

Every client's interior landscaping requirements are different and therefore all our designs and solutions are unique. Every design is tailor-made to suit the client and the environment in which the plants are going to be placed.

Whether it’s a small bowl display or a 5 metre high tree, live or artificial the Plant People caters for all designs, budgets, tastes and environment.

For more information on plant rental or to arrange a site visit you can e-mail us here, or call 086-2628892.

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